Finding a great youth speaker can be difficult. You need a speaker who engages kids so they don’t just slump in their seats and look at their phones. Laura Welch is the ultimate Youth speaker, she loves teenagers and kids and is passionate about teaching in a way that gets them excited to listen and participate. She is masterful at using humor and stories to teach powerful lessons about leadership kindness, inclusion, service, acceptance, anti-bullying, and confidence. Laura’s experiences in comedy and education have enabled her to be able to teach in ways that kids can relate too.  In her years of teaching, she has learned that kids do not want to be told what not to do but rather what they can do. Laura specifically inspires kids to act as heroes and helpers in creating a culture of inclusion and love in their school environments. A favorite talk she gives is called “The power of one” How to be a leader in your school’s Culture.

Her background is tailored made for youth speaking. Laura Welch graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in History.  While pursuing her history degree, Laura also completed a two-year seminary teaching program. This program is designed to train teachers in educating teenagers on correct principles and values although faith was an aspect of her training she is masterful at teaching values and ethics to all audience no matter what belief system they have. After finishing her program Laura taught seminary to high school students.  She simultaneously was part of Divine Comedy a sketch comedy group at BYU, she performed in front of thousands of people on a weekly basis, perfecting her ability to make an audience laugh. With this experience under her belt, along with her public speaking background, Laura was hired by Brigham Young University to be a speaker for Especially for Youth. EFY is a program run by Brigham Young University that holds nationwide conferences for youth. Teenagers listen to speakers and attend presentations on values and principles such as friendship, kindness, inclusion, leadership, service, acceptance, anti-bullying, and confidence. They also discuss the specific and unique challenges that youth are faced with today.