"Some speakers just speak. Others simply entertain for quick laughs. Far too many seem more concerned with entertaining themselves than engaging with their audience. Laura Welch is the rare presenter who keeps a laser focus on what matters most to each and every person in the room. She is wildly entertaining with a rare blend of humor and heart that sticks with the audience long after they’ve taken selfies and said goodbye."
"At women’s conference, I attended a class by Laura Welch. I knew it would be entertaining and funny but I had no idea how inspirational it would be. I feel blessed to have been in that class. It motivated me to really think about my own future and goals. She asked us to ponder our passions, dreams and priorities and how we balance that with the divine calling of motherhood. She is wise, articulate and a talented speaker."
"Laura spoke at an event I organized at Southern Virginia University and she was fantastic! She is so fun and funny and has a unique way of entertaining and bringing the Spirit at the same time. She engages her audience in a positive, upbeat way and conveys a faith-based insight that is relatable and encouraging. I highly recommend her for your next event!"
"When Laura speaks, brace yourselves. It will be a long time before she pauses. I think she breathes through her skin. Joking aside Laura is a rare mix of funny, good, and sincere. I have great respect for both her humor and convictions."
"I will never forget the first time I heard Laura speak. She has an unparalleled ability to captivate her audience, especially youth audiences. She brilliantly weaves her own life experiences with comedic performance and excellent teaching skills. Laura’s speaking is inspiring, uplifting, entertaining, and, above all, empowering."
"Laura is a next-level speaker. She knows how to captivate an audience— especially youth with low attention spans. Her workshops are hilarious and sometimes even include song and dance! But not in a cheesy way; she’s cool enough to pull it off. Laura’s energy fills the room. She has a way of transiting fun and laughter into a compelling, meaningful, and memorable message."
"Laura Welch is inspiring. As a highschool student, I find that a lot of adults have difficulty relating to issues faced by teenagers. Laura, however, is able to connect with youth effortlessly and has a talent for empathizing with us, While still being hilarious and engaging. Laura’s gift has helped me through many difficulties I’ve had to face, and I believe that everyone can gain something from hearing Laura speak."